Why Don’t I Have A Search Box On My Facebook Business Page?

This week, we received a question from a customer about why they did not have a Search Bar or Like button on their Facebook Business Page.

This was extremely puzzling.  We had not run into this issue before.

When we viewed this business page as a visitor, we indeed saw a Like button.  Again, puzzling.

The customer gave us access to their Facebook Business page to view it as they do, and sure enough, no blue bar (search bar) at the top of the page with the search box in it and no Like button.  Very, very strange.

We started to search for answers.  It took a little time to find a solution, but we saw that lots of other people have run into this also.

The Solution:

Are you ready…

It turns out that this customer converted their personal page to a business page, rather than creating a business page from their personal Facebook page and in this case, no Admin was assigned to the page.  This is the issue!

So, if you do not have an Admin for your business page, you will not have all the features for the business page, like the Search Bar and the Like button.

In this case, we had to create a personal Facebook account for the customer.  The customer then had to search for the Business page and ‘Like’ it and then we had to log into the Business page and assign the customer as an Admin of the page.  Problem solved!

Here are the instructions for setting a ‘Page Role’ (in this case the Admin role) for your Business page.

  1.  From your Business Page, select ‘Settings’ on the white toolbar (at the top below the blue bar).
  2. Then, in the Settings box, select ‘Page Roles’
  3. In Page Roles, there is a text box where you can enter the email address of the person your want to assign a page role to.  In this case, again, we selected Admin.  There is a drop down selection where you can select the page role.
  4. With this done, press ‘Save’ button to keep your change.

Note:  The person you selected must have a Facebook account and they must have already ‘Liked’ your business page.  If they have met these conditions, you can assign them a page role.  Then the Facebook Business page will have all the expected features for the Admin.

Our suggestion would be, if you want to create a Facebook Business page, create it from your Facebook personal page, that way you will not run into this issue.

Hope this was helpful.

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